Compare Ford Explorer Dimensions

Once-a-year buyer orders force car makers to design brand-new versions that feature higher performance, disparate characteristics, and metrics. In case you are interested in the very last one and then try to detect what dimensions your respective Ford Explorer features, one may be confident in our gurus. Here we provide you with different charts and tables of content together with correct info about the Ford Explorer attributes, specifically, the very dimensions.

Drivers have piles of requirements to satisfy - convenience, movability, smooth parking, clever gas usage, as well as others. Accordingly, the dimensions of your own Ford Explorer can be one of the main nuances to consider whenever trying to select a whole new auto. In such a manner, every driver knows three dimensions that count height, width, and length.


How long and wide is a Ford Explorer?

  • 2022 Ford Explorer Specs
  • Length 198.8 in.
  • Overall width with mirrors 89.3 in.
  • Overall width without mirrors 78.9 in.
  • Height 69.9 in.

Is a Ford Explorer a midsize or full-size SUV?

Lows Lackluster interior materials, four-cylinder engine honk, below-average third-row comfort, and upper trim levels quickly inflate the price tag. Verdict The Ford Explorer is a perfectly adequate mid-size SUV, but it lives in a segment filled with stellar competitors that offer a variety of compelling traits.

What are the dimensions for Ford Explorer 2022?

Exterior dimensions are 505cm length, 200.4cm width, 178.3cm height, 302.5cm wheelbase, and a weight of 2132kg.

What SUV is better than a Ford Explorer?

When it comes to an SUV size comparison, the new Chevy Traverse is bigger than the Ford Explorer for sale. If you're looking for the SUV with the most cargo room, go with the Chevy Traverse. The new 2022 Chevy Traverse provides eight-passenger seating and up to 98.2 cubic feet of cargo volume.

Is Ford Explorer a luxury SUV?

The 2022 Ford Explorer Limited Takes Three-Row SUV Luxury to the Next Level.

Which is bigger Explorer or escape?

A key difference between the Ford Escape and Explorer is interior size. The five-passenger Ford Escape offers 104 cubic feet of passenger volume and a maximum cargo capacity of 65.4 cubic feet. The seven-passenger Ford Explorer has a passenger volume of 152.7 cubic feet and a maximum cargo capacity of 87.8 cubic feet.

What's bigger than a Ford Explorer?

The Explorer has a length of 199.3 inches, a width of 78.9 inches, and a height of 69.9 inches, so it's sure to rule the road. If you're looking for a little more space in your next ride, though, you'll want to choose the Expedition. It features 210 inches in length, 76.6 inches in height, and 79.9 inches in width.

Which is bigger Blazer or Explorer?

The 2021 Ford Explorer is bigger, boxier, and costs quite a bit more than comparably equipped Chevy Blazer models. The Explorer has three rows of passenger seating, which generally exceeds what most people need and contributes to a higher transportation cost.

What size SUV is Ford Explorer considered?

Rankings & Research. The 2023 Ford Explorer's #17 ranking is based on its score within the Midsize SUVs category.

Is Ford Explorer an SUV or crossover?

Ford classifies the Explorer as an SUV, but if you want to get technical, If you're looking for the body-on-frame construction of a by-the-book SUV, you'll need to head back to the 2010 Explorer, or look at one of Ford's larger SUV options like the Expedition.

Which SUV is bigger Edge or Explorer?

The Edge is a five-passenger, two-row SUV with a passenger volume of 113.9 cubic feet and a maximum cargo capacity of 73.4 cubic feet. On the other hand, the Explorer is a seven-passenger, three-row SUV that has a passenger volume of 152.7 cubic feet and a maximum cargo capacity of 87.8 cubic feet.

Is the new Explorer smaller?

2020–23 Explorer. With its 2020 redesign, the Explorer returns once again to a rear-wheel-drive-based platform. Its styling is similar to the previous generation, though the SUV is a bit bigger and has a longer wheelbase that helps create more cargo room.

What is bigger Explorer or Pathfinder?

Which is bigger, the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder or the 2022 Ford Explorer? The 2022 Ford Explorer is larger than the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder. For the Explorer, its wheelbase is five inches longer. Its body is almost two inches longer, an inch wider, but also half an inch shorter than the Pathfinder.

What is Toyota's equivalent to Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander are two popular choices for a crossover SUV with a third-row seat. Both offer a V6 engine. And both offer hybrid models for consumers seeking better gas mileage.

Is the Ford Explorer bigger than the Toyota Highlander?

Toyota Highlander size comparison, the Ford Explorer is larger across the board. Specifically, a 2022 Ford Explorer is 3.9 inches longer, up to 2.6 inches taller, and 2.9 inches wider (without mirrors) than a 2022 Toyota Highlander.

Is a Ford Explorer bigger than a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Overall passenger volume in the Ford Explorer is greater than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, measuring at 152.7 cubic feet vs. the Grand Cherokee's 105 cubic feet. The 87.8 cubic feet of total cargo space available in the Ford Explorer is greater than the Jeep Grand Cherokee's 68.3 cubic feet of maximum cargo space.

Is Ford Explorer AWD or 4x4?

Intelligent 4WD comes standard on both the Sport and Platinum trims of the 2022 Explorer and is available on Explorer, XLT, and Limited trims. Whichever model you choose, you'll be in good hands with Ford's Intelligent 4WD system.