Research Ford Explorer Towing Capacity for All Years

Maybe you have asked: "What greatest towing capacity my respective Ford Explorer can bring off when rowing a mobile home?" assuming you have, you must know that the response is not simple to attain. Given this our company`s experts prepared a helpful and lucid chart that could become a helping hand if you are to sight the Ford Explorer engine and towing capacity particulars.

This amount is controlled by your Ford Explorer manufacturer and in most cases might be met on the canonical manual. Notwithstanding, more other causes have to be taken under advisement. In the first place, this is the Gross Vehicle Rating (GVWR) that also includes not just the heft of all your probable travelers and shipment but, at the same time, the auto alone.


How much can Ford Explorers tow?

How much can a Ford Explorer tow? The 2022 Ford Explorer is a highly adaptable vehicle, there is seating for seven, ample cargo space, and an impressive towing capacity of 5,600 pounds when properly equipped.

Which Ford Explorer has the highest towing capacity?

Maximum towing capacity for the 2022 Ford Explorer is 5,600 pounds with the 3.0L EcoBoost V6.

What Explorer can tow 5000 lbs?

The Ford Explorer's maximum towing capacity is 5,600 pounds and comes from the 3.0L EcoBoost® V6 engine. If you instead opt for the 2.3L EcoBoost® 4-cylinder motor, your SUV will have a maximum towing capacity of 5,300 pounds. Finally, the 3.3L Hybrid V6 results in a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

How much weight can a V6 Ford Explorer pull?

When used in the luxury Platinum trim it produces 365 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, while the same twin-turbo V6 makes 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque in the performance-oriented ST trim. Either trim can tow up to 5,600 pounds.

Which Ford engine has the best towing capacity?

However, for best-in-class towing capacity, look for the 2022 F-150 equipped with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine.

Does Ford Explorer XLT have a tow package?

1. Explorer does not offer factory-installed towing equipment for this application; only available as a dealer accessory. 2.

What is tow mode on Ford Explorer?

The tow/haul feature: Delays upshifts to reduce the frequency of transmission shifting. Provides engine braking in all forward gears, which will slow your vehicle and assist you in controlling your vehicle when descending a grade.

How much can an Explorer tow without the tow package?

All three engine configurations require the Class III Trailer Tow Package to achieve the top towing specifications. Without this factory package, the towing capability is 3,000 pounds.

Is it good to use cruise control when towing?

If your transmission starts downshifting (hunting for the right gear) on steep uphill grades, it is safer to disengage the cruise control and drive manually. Coming down hills, disengage the cruise control and drive manually. Cruise control will not keep the speed from exceeding the set point.

What is a factory tow package?

A factory tow package installation involves adding original equipment manufacturer (OEM) towing parts to your SUV or truck. These parts are specially designed to match your vehicle model, which makes them a safe and reliable option.